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KU Leuven: ENGenius Fund to promote international exchanges of engineering students

ENGenius Fund to promote international exchanges of engineering students
Gaining international experience while studying is worth its weight in gold - that is the philosophy of the ENGenius Fund. It promotes international exchanges with universities outside Europe by offering financial support to ambitious civil engineering or civil engineering-architect students, and by awarding scholarships to excellent foreign students wishing to enrol at KU Leuven.
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Fund Professor Raymond Derine
To keep alive his drive to achieve a federal state, amnesty, a sanitised democratic practice, clarity in legal and administrative regulations and an objective appointment policy in public administrations, the Fund Professor Raymond Derine was created. By setting up this fund, his widow Lucretia De Mullie wanted to encourage research and studies aimed at greater justice in society. In particular, it achieves this goal by awarding a biennial prize of 2,500 euros to master's or doctoral theses related to legal, political, economic, philosophical or social justice in society.
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Mark Waer Fund to promote interdisciplinary social reflection
As a gift at the farewell of honorary Rector Mark Waer, this fund was established to encourage structured interdisciplinary reflection at the service of society. This mission will be entrusted, among others, to Metaforum, KU Leuven's interdisciplinary think tank for social debate. The available funds will be used to organise lectures and invite for short stays individuals and speakers who can weigh in on the social debate.
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Multiple Sclerosis Fund
The fund aims to promote and support continuing education initiatives on Multiple Sclerosis (MS, ed.) in the medical and paramedical fields. The initiators want to support this through projects that benefit the treatment of people with MS and scientific research on MS.
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Oscar and Jacques Peters Fund
The fund aims to use its capital proceeds to award a triennial prize "OSCAR AND JACQUES PETERS PRIZE", shortened to "PETERS PRIZE".
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