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zaterdag 14 november 2020

[de Nederlandse Vereniging] Nieuw bericht ontvangen.


I am Kamal, a french citizen, strongly connected with the NL as I lived
there 5 years and my partner, Mieke, is Dutch.

Mieke and I are looking for 3 or 4 Dutch persons/couples/families to buy
together a big house 30 minutes from Carcassone, create apartments where
needed and share a huge parc with a swimming pool.

I'd like to know how you could help me to connect with persons who could be

I estimate the price for each buyer between 250.000 to 320.000 euros.

Best regards,
K. Hammoutene
Phone: +33 695 836 064

Met vriendelijke groet,
K. Hammoutene |

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