Nieuws vanuit en over Vlaanderen, door en voor Vlamingen.

donderdag 15 oktober 2020

[de Nederlandse Vereniging] Nieuw bericht ontvangen.

to NSW Klaverjas Federatie

We are a not-for-profit college that teaches languages, as well as other
We have recently added Dutch.

While we are based in Sydney, our course is actually offered online.

We realise you probably are already fluent in Dutch, but you might have
family or friends who would love to learn it.

The advantage of studying with us is that, unlike a lot of other online
courses, our course is actually interactive. The class itself is delivered
via Zoom video calling, which means that the tutor and other students are
all online together. This is great for students who can receive direct help
from the tutor as well as practice with other students.

We also have a wonderful tutor who is a Dutch native and has been teaching
for over twenty years. She has had a prestigious career having worked in
the Dutch consulate, as well she has a number of qualifications including
Masters degrees. But most importantly she is friendly, patient and
passionate about imparting her love of Dutch to her students.

If you would be interested in helping us get the word out about our Dutch
course across your networks we would appreciate it. We have a class
scheduled to start next week, and as it is fairly new not too many people
know that we are teaching it.

The weblink to our Dutch Language course is below.

Also if you could share our Facebook post would be helpful too, thank you,
it is below:

Thank you and Best Regards

Dianne Ellis

General Programs Manager
The Parramatta College

Met vriendelijke groet,
Dianne Ellis |

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